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ElectroCraft 3D CAD Models

Welcome to the ElectroCraft 3d model library. Here you will find configurable 3d models of many of our motors including:

Brushless DC Motors

RapidPower™, RapidPower Plus™ and RapidPower™ Xtreme Brushless DC Motors

Linear Actuators

AxialPower™ Enhanced, AxialPower™ Plus and L3-Series Linear Actuators

PMDC Brush Motors

DirectPower™ and DirectPower™ Plus BLDC Motors

Stepper Motors

TorquePower™, TorquePower™ Enhanced and TorquePower™ Plus Stepper Motors

Gear Motors

MobilePower™, MobilePower™ Plus, Low-Noise RapidPower™ Xtreme and Hansen PMDC Gear Motors