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ElectroCraft Mobility Gearmotors

ElectroCraft is a world leader in the design and production of specialist gearmotors for the Mobility market. Over 1 million ElectroCraft mobility motors are in service worldwide. Our gearmotors are renowned for their smooth, controlled power delivery, with high starting torque to give excellent rough-terrain and curb-climbing performance. All our gearmotors are fully-customizable and come in a range of IP ratings to suit our customers' requirements.

We are actively developing new gearmotors. If you would like information on gearmotors in development or to talk about your project, please contact your local Sales Office.

MobilePower™ Geared Motor

  • MP36 : ElectroCraft MobilePower™

    Peak Torque: 108.5 Nm (960 lb.in)

    Our standard 4-pole gearmotor - the ideal solution for most mobility applications.

  • MPP36 : ElectroCraft MobilePower™

    Peak Torque: 134.23 Nm (1188 lb.in)

    Bariatric 4-pole gearmotor with very robust 2-stage gearbox.

  • MPS32 : ElectroCraft MobilePower™

    Peak Torque: 113.66 Nm (1006 lb.in)

    Two pole motor with excellent performance and efficiency, high-efficiency single-stage gearbox.