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Current ElectroCraft Whitepapers

Selecting a Brushless DC Motor or Gearmotor in 6 Steps arrow
Learn how to make the best choice of motor or gearmotor for your application requirements. The factors in selecting the appropriate motor or gearmotor for your application may look simple at the outset but can get complex fairly quickly. By focusing on these six tips in order, engineers will find an easy path to their next motion control solution.
The Evolution of Mobile Platform Traction Systems arrow
The evolution of DC motor and gear motor technology has opened the doors to lightweight, battery-efficient solutions for mobile platform traction systems. From medical mobility to industrial robotics and warehouse automation, mobile platform traction systems have become more affordable, manageable and efficient in large part due to the advancements of motors and integrated gearbox technology.
How Technology Advancements are Transforming the Mobility Market arrow
Technology advancements in motors, gearboxes, and battery life are expanding the design engineer's options when it comes to applications for mobile power platforms. Medical and industrial robotics, AGVs, all-terrain machines, and high-performance sports chairs are just some of the new markets that mobile power platforms are defining today, thanks to the wide range of integrated motor/gearbox combinations and recent technology advancements that provide powerfully responsive, efficient, and reliable operations. What new application area for mobile power platforms will your design team pioneer next?
“How Technology Advancements are Transforming the Mobility Market” is essential reading when considering a mobile power platform for your next application.
Application Guide for High-Performance Brushless Servo Systems arrow
This updated handbook is a helpful guide outlining the design considerations, calculations and application of brushless servo sytems, including helpful engineering formulas and conversion tables.
The Difference Between a Traditional BLDC/Gearbox Combination and the ElectroCraft LRPX with Integrated Planetary Gearbox arrow
Recently introduced designs, like those in ElectroCraft's LRPX series, combine specially-designed BLDCs with gearboxes for a streamlined gearmotor design. The integrated design minimizes the number of components for a smaller footprint, greater accuracy, and better dynamic response.
Read on to learn more about the difference between traditional BLDC motor options and integrated BLDC gearmotors.
Closed-loop Stepper System Design FAQs arrow
Manufacturers apply the term "closed-loop stepper" to a wide array of controls. Here, we'll spell out how the three most common closed-loop stepper control schemes work and highlight their advantages and disadvantages.