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PMDC Brush Motors from ElectroCraft

ElectroCraft Brush Permanent Magnent DC Motors (PMDC) provide robust options at relatively low cost. Where reliability and power are needed in a variety of voltage options, the ElectroCraft PMDC line are a perfect motion control pairing. Read more

Dynamically balanced armatures and non-contact ball bearings ensure a smooth performance. Durable totally enclosed, non-ventilated construction (TENV) and replaceable brushes help extend product life-cycles. And, for extra power and durability choose our DirectPower Plus motors. The ElectroCraft PMDC family is found in automotive, agriculture, medical, mobility, and other commercial markets.

Standard features incorporate ball bearings, high performance brush cards, zinc die cast endcaps, rugged black paint finish all with operating voltage ranging from 12 to 60 VDC. Additional mechanical configurations, shaft designs and winding options are available to customize a motor to meet specific customer requirements.

Our expert team of engineers is here to help you choose the PMDC solution that works best for your project. Contact us today and let us help power your innovation.

DirectPower™ Brush Motor

ElectroCraft DirectPower permanent magnet DC motors are lower-cost conventional motors designed for applications in automotive, agriculture, medical and other commercial markets.
  • DP20 : ElectroCraft DirectPower™

    Size: Nema 20
    Peak Torque: to 72 oz-in or 50.8 Ncm

  • DP25 : ElectroCraft DirectPower™

    Size: Nema 25
    Peak Torque: to 215 oz-in or 151.8 Ncm

  • DP30 : ElectroCraft DirectPower™

    Size: Nema 30
    Peak Torque: to 230 oz-in or 162.4 Ncm


DirectPower™ Plus Brush Motor

ElectroCraft DirectPower Plus are high-efficiency servo motors.
  • DPP240 : ElectroCraft DirectPower™ Plus

    Size: 2.25-inch or 57mm
    Peak Torque: to 240 oz-in or 169 Ncm

  • DPP640 : ElectroCraft DirectPower™ Plus

    Size: 4.1 inches or 106 mm
    Peak Torque: to 240 oz-in or 169 Ncm

  • DPP680 : ElectroCraft DirectPower™ Plus

    Size: 3.25-inch or 82.5mm
    Peak Torque: to 1100 oz-in or 776.8 Ncm

  • DPP700 : ElectroCraft DirectPower™ Plus

    Size: 5.75 inches or 147mm
    Peak Torque: to 2000 oz-in or 1412 Ncm

  • DPP720 : ElectroCraft DirectPower™ Plus

    Size: 4.00-inch or 105mm
    Peak Torque: to 2880 oz-in or 2034 Ncm