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Hybrid Stepper Linear Actuators
From ElectroCraft

ElectroCraft hybrid stepper linear actuator solutions provide original equipment manufacturers the precision, performance and reliability that is required for a wide variety of motion control positioning applications. From medical and laboratory equipment to industrial machinery, ElectroCraft offers configurable or completely customizable solutions in three unique product designs: linear actuator (non-captive), leadscrew motor (external linear) or guided linear actuator (captive).

AxialPower™ Enhanced Hybrid Stepper Linear Actuators

AxialPower™ Plus Hybrid Stepper Linear Actuators

L3-Series Hybrid Stepper Linear Actuators

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For OEMs, frustrated with the requirement to design around off-the-shelf products from inflexible suppliers, ElectroCraft offers customizable product families and access to our deep engineering resources. We pride ourselves in providing a best-in-class design experience, resulting in motor and motion systems that provide superior quality, reliability and performance at the lowest possible cost-of ownership.