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CompletePower™, CompletePower™ Plus and PRO Series Drives
From ElectroCraft

With advanced engineering and state of the art electronics, ElectroCraft DC motor drives offer the performance, reliability and ease of use that you expect from a complete motion solutions provider. From simple speed controls to high-performance servo drives with built-in motion control, ElectroCraft has the right solution to fit your application. With decades of design experience in a wide range of industries, including medical, laboratory, robotics, semiconductor processing, electronics manufacturing, agricultural automation and many others, ElectroCraft engineers have the expertise to configure a motor and drive solution that meets your exact needs.

CompletePower™ Plus Universal Drives

ElectroCraft's Universal Drive is the latest addition to the ElectroCraft CompletePower™ Plus family of DC motor drives. The Universal Drive takes performance, efficiency and flexibility to the next level, utilizing state-of-the-art digital drive technology combined with an intuitive and highly configurable user interface. Compatible with a variety of motor architectures, including Brushless DC Motors, PMDC Brush Motors and DC Stepper Motors, the Universal Drive is perfect for a wide variety of applications. There are five standard capacities available in the model lineup with customized versions available for large volume OEM requirements. Now available with CAN Bus!

PRO Series Programmable Drives

ElectroCraft’s PRO Series offers even more capability by incorporating a built-in programmable motion controller as well as additional communication options such as CANopen or EtherCAT. Whether you are controlling a single drive in a stand-alone application or multiple drives in a networked system, configuration and programming are easy using ElectroCraft’s intuitive and powerful MotionPRO Suite software.

Previous Generation CompletePower™ and CompletePower™ Plus Drives

With meticulous engineering and advanced electronics, our CompletePower™ speed controls and CompletePower™ Plus servo drives offer unprecedented reliability and flexible motion control in compact packaging. From precision medical dosing systems to the rugged performance of industrial automation systems, there is an ElectroCraft drive product available for your applications.