MPS32 Geared Motor
MobilePower™ Series

Summary Details

Peak Torque: 113.66 Nm (1006

ElectroCraft's MPS32 geared motor is part of our extensive range of purpose designed, fully customizable mobility motors.

This two pole motor has excellent performance and efficiency and is coupled with a high-efficiency single-stage gearbox, to deliver power smoothly, reliably and quietly. With high starting torque for curb-climbing and rough terrain use, the MPS32 is the ideal choice for a wide variety of mobility applications.


  • High energy efficiency.
  • High torque density with excellent torque per frame size performance.
  • High starting torque.
  • Extended battery life.
  • Very quiet and very reliable.
  • Controllable variable speed operation.
  • Available with a range of IP ratings.

Additional Product Details

MPS32 Outline Drawing

Technical Drawings

MPS32 Motor Parameters

Winding/speed 183 150 124
Gear Ratio 29.00:1
Operational Voltage (Volts DC) 24
Motor Poles 2
Nominal Back EMF Constant (V/KRPM) 4.44 5.53 6.63
Nominal Torque Constant (Nm/A) 0.0424 0.0528 0.0633
Nominal No-Load Speed at 24 VDC (RPM) 183 150 124
Nominal MTR-GRB-BRK Mass (kg) 6.69
Nominal Motor Armature Inertia (kg-cm²) 12.70
Nominal Winding Resistance (Ohms) 0.136 0.141 0.182
Nominal Winding Inductance (μH) 94 144 197
Max Winding Temp (°C) 155
Max Operating Temperature On Gearbox/Motor Housing (°C) 95
Max Input Current (A) 80
S1 Input Current (A) 16.0
S1 Output Torque (Nm) 12.20 16.27 20.34
S1 Output Power (W) 220 235 235
S2-15 Min Input Current (A) 28.0
S2-15 Min Output Torque (Nm) 25.08 32.20 39.21
S2-15 Min Output Power (W) 430 435 420
Nominal Peak Output Torque (Nm) 79.77 96.60 113.66
Nominal Peak Output Power (W) 1050 940 790

Continuous rating based on nominal operating voltage 24 VDC.

MPS32 Speed / Torque Curves

curves_mps32-183.png curves_mps32-150.png curves_mps32-121.png

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Part Number Description Typical Lead Time
MPS32-WL-146V24-200- X 70 days
MPS32-WL-183V24-200- X 70 days
MPS32-WR-146V24-200-X 70 days
MPS32-WR-183V24-200-X 70 days

Europe, the Middle East and Africa

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No products available


Part Number Description Typical Lead Time
MPS32-WL-146V24-200- X 30 days
MPS32-WL-183V24-200- X 30 days
MPS32-WR-146V24-200-X 30 days
MPS32-WR-183V24-200-X 30 days