LRPX22 : ElectroCraft Low Noise RapidPower™ Xtreme Brushless DC Planetary Gear Motor

Size: 22mm (0.866 in)
Peak Torque: to 3.0 Nm (424.8
Continuous Stall Torque: 2.5 Nm (354
Speed: Up to 514 RPM

Exquisitely efficient small form factor BLDC motor that has peak operating efficiency at low RPM allowing custom integration with planetary gearbox. High torque from a small form factor, with low power consumption and peak performance at low RPM for quiet operation.

Traditional BLDC motors have peak performance at high RPMs. These RPMs are simply too high to make efficient use of a gearbox, and even when a traditional bldc motor is paired with a custom high-rpm gearbox there are typically noise and heat issues that make it prohibitive for discerning applications.

The LRPX carefully integrates the unique low RPM RPX with a custom planetary gearbox. The result is a small form factor bldc motor that can produce high torque at low RPM and offer strong smooth operation with low noise!

LRPX22 Outline Drawing