Programmable PRO-Series™ Drives
Available from ElectroCraft

Available in Enclosed, PCB Mount or Integrated Motor/Drive/Controller configurations.

ElectroCraft's PRO-Series products integrate motor control functions and motion control functionality in a compact package with three formats: stand-alone, PC board mounted, and as a fully integrated motor/drive/controller. Each operates as a single-axis motion controller or an intelligent slave. I/O based motion sequencing, RS232, and CAN bus are commonly used to interface the PRO-Series with the rest of the system. Configuration, tuning and programming of the PRO-Series are easy with ElectroCraft's powerful graphical user interface.


The PRO-Series Drives are very programmable. ElectroCraft understands the learning curve associated with any new technology. To maximize your time, ElectroCraft offers an PRO-Series evaluation kit which includes a motor, drive, I/O Board and other components required for you to completely simulate and evaluate the PRO-Series capability for your application. The List Price for the PRO-Series Evaluation Kit is $999. However, with this promotion you are eligible to receive 50% off the list price. Please provide your information in the contact form below, or call one of our Drive engineers today!

Getting Started Guide

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The Evaluation Kit

The PRO-Series evaluation kit contains everything you need to get started with the development of your motion application. Included in the kit are:

  • The Motion-PRO developer software used to develop your motion application
  • A PRO-Series drive/controller (according to your selection)
  • A Quick-Start board that make interfacing with the PRO-Series drive as easy as plugging things in, pressing buttons and looks at lights
  • A brushless motor and a stepper motor so that you can evaluate the proper motor solution for your application
  • A power supply with universal wall adaptors to work in any outlet around the world
  • The cables and connectors you will need to interface to the Quick-Start board

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