ElectroCraft, Inc. Expands Integrated Motor Drive Line

Dover, NH — (December 16, 2014)

Dover, New Hampshire - December 11, 2014 - ElectroCraft, Inc., a fractional horsepower motor and motion solutions provider, ElectroCraft has expanded their Integrated Motor Drive/Controller (IMDC) customization capability to include higher IP ratings and additional communication options.

The IMDC product pairs Stepper, Brushless, and Linear Actuators with a fully integrated PRO Series drive allowing for advanced control and sequencing functionality.  The IMDC technology enables any motor drive to serve as either a stand-alone control solution or as part of a fully-integrated multi-axis system.  This platform allows for stand-alone control or Network architecture (Peer-to-Peer or hosted), and eliminates complex and sensitive motor to drive cabling. 

The expansion of options on the Integrated Motor Drive/Controller provide for:

  • Ratings up to IP69 (achieved through custom configuration),
  • Customized form factors facilitate mechanical integration,
  • Additional communication protocols expand connectivity.

"ElectroCraft is very excited about the market response to these new features that allow us to meet customer’s exact needs and lower the cost of their overall system," said Brad Dolbin, ElectroCraft VP of Global Motion. "The rapid adoption of this capability leads us to believe that these enhancements will be tremendously beneficial across markets and more specifically across those markets that require higher environmental protection." The ability to customize an Integrated Motor Drive/Controller is unique in the motion control industry.  A fully programmable control along with a completely customizable design: That’s Powerful Innovation.

About ElectroCraft

ElectroCraft, Inc. is a global provider of fractional-horsepower motor and motion control solutions for both industrial and commercial applications. The company specializes in dependable, application-engineered specialty products by utilizing its Lean business philosophy to consistently meet the needs of its customers worldwide. The company’s products are found in pumps, office equipment, medical devices, aircraft and thousands of other applications. ElectroCraft is headquartered in Dover, New Hampshire with operations in the United States, Europe, and Asia.



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