What is a Stepper Motor?

Steppers are typically classified by the number of allowable steps they can be commanded to move. For instance, a 1.8° step motor is capable of 200 steps/revolution … as 1.8 x 200 = 360° or one full revolution. Of course, that’s in full-step mode. If operated in half-step mode, each increment becomes 0.9° and the motor can then turn 400 steps/revolution. Another mode called microstepping subdivides the degrees per step even further … allowing for extremely precise movements. As this video explores, stepper motors can also have permanent-magnet construction, variable reluctance construction, and hybrid construction … with variable reluctance types least common. There’s more on this subtopic at https://www.motioncontroltips.com/category/motors/stepper-motors and from this video’s sponsor at https://www.electrocraft.com/products/stepper/

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