SCO-B1-50 (60) : ElectroCraft CompletePower™ Drives

Technology: Brushless, Speed Control
Quadrants: 2
Nominal Current: 18A or 40A

For BLDC Motors. Up to 2000W.
This two-quadrant brushless DC speed control is housed in a compact open-frame aluminum module which can be panel mounted for easy integration. The drive includes a control enable/disable, direction and set value inputs. Both the 18 A and the 40 A versions of this drive have an adjustable current limit and can be powered by the same 20 � 50 VDC range of supply voltage. The 18 A version of this drive is also available for supply voltages range from 30 - 60 VDC. The drive is protected against over-current and over-temperature and incorporates state of the art MOSFET technology for maximum efficiency. Connectivity is achieved with simple screw-terminals for control/feedback inputs, supply power and motor connections.

Silver Series - Available only for existing customers
This product is being phased out, and is currently only available to existing ElectroCraft customers.