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SCA-S Drives
CompletePower™ Series

Summary Details

Technology: PMDC Servo Amplifier
Quadrants: 4
Nominal Current: 6A

For Brush-Commutated PMDC Motors. Up to 150 W.
This PWM four-quadrant PMDC DC servo amplifier is fully enclosed in a rugged aluminum case which can be panel mounted for easy integration. The drive is available in several configurations depending on your control requirements. The drive handles continuous currents up to 6 Amps and is protected against over-current, over-temperature and motor short-circuit.

Additional Product Details

SCA-S Technical Drawings


SCA-S Specifications

Model Numbers Power Supply Voltage
Aux Voltage
Continuous Current
Peak Current
Max Power
Frequency of
Power Output Stage
SCA-SE-30-06 11 - 30 - 6 - 150 with heatsink - 95
SCA-SS-30-06 11 - 30 - 6 - 150 with heatsink - 95

Control Inputs
Set Value ±10 VDC
Encoder input signals Channels (A, /A, B, /B, I, /I) / TTL / +5 to +24 VDC
Dir +8 to +30 VDC
Features Selected by Dip Switches
Set Value External / Internal
Tachometer On / Off
Voltage On / Off
I x R Comp On / Off
Torque Mode On / Off
Encoder On / Off [SCA-SE only]
Encoder Frequency On / Off [SCA-SE only]
Auxillary Voltage Sources ±.39 VDC / 20 mA
Auxillary Voltage Sources For Encoder +5 VDC / 100 mA [SCA-LE only]
Monitor I 0.75 Volts / A
Monitor n 10V at max speed
Fault Open Collector / Max. +30 VDC / 20 mA
LEDs Green = OK / Red = Fault
Function of Potentiometers Gain / Speed max / I max / IxR Comp / Offset
Mechanical Specs
Dimensions (L x W x H) inches / (mm) 4.76 x 3.94 x 1.57 / (121) x (100) x (40)
Weight in ounces / (grams) SCA-SE-30-03: 13.76 (390)
SCA-SS-30-03: 12.00 (340)
Operating Temperature (°C) -10 to +45
Storage Temperature (°C) -40 to +85
Humidity Range Not Condensing (% rH) 20% to 80% Relative, Non-condensing
Operation Mode
Operation Mode SCA-SE-30-03:
Speed control by encoder

Torque control
IxR Comp
Speed control by Tachometer
Speed control by voltage

SCA-S Accessories

Photo Model Number Description User Manual Technical Drawing
$photo ASO-BM-70-30 Breaking module in a rugged aluminum case. Consult Factory Download PDF
$photo ASX-RM-01-01 Aluminum DIN Rail Mounting Kit with L-shaped bracket for units:
- SCA-Lx
- SCA-Sx
- SCA-B4-70-10
- not used for SCA-SS-70-30
Consult Factory Download PDF
$photo IA210x Choke module optimized for brushless drives.
Inductance: IA2100 = 2x50uH; IA2101 = 2x100uH
Nominal current: 10A
Consult Factory Download PDF

SCA-S User Manuals

Model Number User Manual
SCA - SE - 30 - 06 Download PDF (Drive User Manual)
SCA - SS - 30 - 06 Download PDF (Drive User Manual)
Developer ManualDownload PDF (User Manual)

SCA-S Software Download

Software Type Overview
CompletePower Plus™ Setup Utility Software Description
ElectroCraft CompletePower™ Plus Set-up Utility is a Windows-based program used for the setup, parameterization, system diagnostics and motion control management of the ElectroCraft CompletePower Plus line of digital servo drives. The ElectroCraft CompletePower™ Plus Set-Up Utility will lead the user through a Step-by-Step Wizard to create the correct configuration information required for the user to run a particular motor with a particular drive. The result will be an "Application" file containing all of the information required to run the motor with the drive.

System Requirements
Computer ElectroCraft CompletePower™ Plus can be installed on any IBM™ PC compatible computer running:
• Windows 95/98
• Windows NT 4
• Windows 2000
• Windows XP

A VGA display is required. A color monitor display makes it possible to take full advantage of ElectroCraft CompletePower™ Plus's graphic interface. The recommended screen resolution is 1024 x 728. A resolution of 800 x 600 will also function properly.

The ElectroCraft CompletePower™ Plus Set-up Utility uses the default printer installed on your computer. For optimal resolution, especially when printing graphs, use a high resolution (300-dpi) laser or ink jet printer.

A mouse or other pointing device is required to use ElectroCraft CompletePower™ Plus Set-up Utility.

Serial I/O
The ElectroCraft CompletePower™ Plus Set-up Utility can be configured to use the PC's serial port for communication between the host PC and an ElectroCraft drive. A RS-232 serial cable is required between the host PC and the drive.

Download Disclaimer
Software download and registration require Internet Explorer 7 and above, Firefox 3, or Safari.

Download Disclaimer
Software download and registration require Internet Explorer 7 and above, Firefox 3, or Safari.

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SCA-SS-70-10 4-Quadrant PMDC Motor Drive, +/- 10V Analog, 11-70VDC, 10A Nominal Current, 700w Max. 2 days


Part Number Description Typical Lead Time
No products available