ACE500 : ElectroCraft CompletePower™ Plus Drives

Technology: Brushless Drive, Digital Servo
Quadrants: 4
Nominal Current: 5A

High Voltage, Small Package ... World Class Intelligence
The line powered ACE500 is the newest addition to the ElectroCraft "Plus" series of all digital servo-amplifiers designed to provide today's OEM with maximum brushless servo performance at the lowest possible cost. The ACE500 series utilizes the latest in DSP-based drive design architecture to provide software selectable torque, velocity, and position mode (Step & Direction) operation. Sine wave commutation using encoder feedback provides smooth torque at low speeds for demanding motion control requirements found in robotic, direct drive, and linear motor applications. Sine wave commutation is also available on motors operating with only hall commutation feedback, providing smooth performance over the entire speed and torque range.