New Super Torque Stepper and Linear Actuator from ElectroCraft Extends the Range of Exceptional Torque Performance

ElectroCraft TorquePower™ Enhanced, Size 11, Stepper Motor
and ElectroCraft AxialPower™ Plus Enhanced, Size 11, Linear Actuator

Available Immediately

DOVER, NH (June 30, 2016) — ElectroCraft today announced the release of the new ElectroCraft TorquePower™ Enhanced, Size 11 stepper motor (TPE11) and the ElectroCraft AxialPower™ Plus Enhanced, Size 11 linear actuator (APES11), both provide exceptional performance in a small package. The TPE11 stepper motor offer up to 25% more holding torque than traditional NEMA size 11 steppers, while the APES11 linear actuator provides over 45% more force than similar sized designs. A new, enhanced mechanical strategy and updated magnet components provide the foundation for the increased performance. "Both the TPE11 and the APES11 extend the current ElectroCraft stepper and linear actuator product families while providing customers an additional choice for optimized performance when applying these technologies in their applications," said Rob Kerber, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at ElectroCraft. "Engineers looking to enhance machine designs will see improved performance with minimal cost impact for many size 11 stepper applications."

Both the ElectroCraft TorquePower™ Enhanced size 11 stepper motor and the ElectroCraft AxialPower™ Plus Enhanced, size 11 linear actuator are available in a variety of bipolar and unipolar windings with several shaft or leadscrew configurations to meet the needs of any application. Some TPE11 and APES11 configurations are also available for immediate delivery through the ElectroCraft EC NOW Rapid Delivery Program.

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About ElectroCraft
ElectroCraft, Inc. is a global provider of fractional-horsepower motor and motion control solutions for both industrial and commercial applications. The company specializes in dependable, application-engineered specialty products by utilizing its Lean business philosophy to consistently meet the needs of its customers worldwide. The company's products are found in pumps, office equipment, medical devices, aircraft and thousands of other applications. ElectroCraft is headquartered in Dover, New Hampshire with operations in the United States, Europe, and Asia.


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