ElectroCraft AR to Produce Green Motors

Dover, NH — (August 20, 2010)


Searcy, AR  (August 20, 2010) -  ElectroCraft Arkansas has finalized an agreement with Phoenix, AZ based SN Tech, Inc. to produce a new range of ultra-high efficiency motors for use for heating and air conditioning units. 

ElectroCraft will start production before the end of 2010, making motors that range from one-fourth horsepower to 1 horsepower. In the coming years SN Tech will introduce larger motors of up to 5 horsepower for commercial use.  ElectroCraft Arkansas will be the primary source for all SN Tech products made for sale in the United States.

"We believe there is a huge opportunity with these green motors and we are proud to be part of this leading edge technology," ElectroCraft President James Elsner said.

Ther are more than 800 million electric motors used annually in the United States, which consume up to 60 percent of the nation's electrical production.  Only about 10% of these motors are considered to be energy efficient.

"This is exciting news for White County and further evidence of Arkansas's growing stature in the green-technology sector," Gov. Mike Beebe said. "These businesses are succeeding and expanding because their 'green' products are practical, efficient, and often cheaper for consumers. In Arkansas, we will continue increasing our presence in these industries for the betterment of our economy and our environment."


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About ElectroCraft:

ElectroCraft, Inc. is a global provider of fractional-horsepower motor and motion control solutions for both industrial and commercial applications.  The company specializes in dependable, application-engineered specialty products by utilizing its Lean business philosophy to consistently meet the needs of its customers worldwide.  The company's products are found in pumps, office equipment, medical devices, aircraft and thousands of other applications.  ElectroCraft is headquartered in  Dover, New Hampshire with operations in the United States, Europe and Asia.


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