ElectroCraft Launches Global Line of Speed Control and Servo Drive Product

Dover, NH — (September 25, 2009)

ElectroCraft today announced the rationalization and standardization of its global drive offering. A line of ElectroCraft CompletePowerTM speed controls and servo drives, some models previously available only in Europe, are now available worldwide. The CompletePower line of drive product is available to power PMDC, stepper and brushless motor technologies.   The new, global CompletePower product offering is a full line of speed controls, stepper drives and servo drives with a wide range of performance and feature combinations to provide a range of product that meet the exact need of your application.   The ElectroCraft CompletePowerTM drive products are an ideal fit for those motion control applications that require a simple set-up and interface solution, but must not compromise on performance. The full line of CompletePower drives feature: •       DC input power (ranging from 9VDC to 70VDC) •       Wide output power range (from 75W to 2100W,continuous) •       Easy-to-use switches to select functionality •       Simple screwdriver required for system set-up •       Common connectors for easy installation   “The ability to provide a product offering to our global customer base has obvious advantages to both ElectroCraft and our customers” said Rob Kerber, Vice President of Marketing and Motion at ElectroCraft. “We have rationalized our product offering to create a comprehensive range of products and capabilities while minimizing the product overlap from one drive to another. This makes drive selection simpler for our customers and allows us to better support our products on a global basis. Since most of the drive products were only available in Europe, this rationalization effort results in a number of new drive products being made available for sale and support in North America.”   The entire ElectroCraft CompletePowerTM drive offering is available immediately for global sale. Additional product information is available at http://www.electrocraft.com/products/motioncontrol/.  

About ElectroCraft

ElectroCraft, Inc. is a global provider of fractional-horsepower motor and motion control solutions for both industrial and commercial applications. The company specializes in dependable, application-engineered specialty products by utilizing its Lean business philosophy to consistently meet the needs of its customers worldwide. The company’s products are found in pumps, office equipment, medical devices, aircraft and thousands of other applications. ElectroCraft is headquartered in Dover, New Hampshire with operations in the United States, Europe, and Asia.


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