All-Terrain Mobility

A rapidly growing sub-segment of the mobility market is the all-terrain mobility chair. As the technology advances, chair manufacturers are offering rugged chair options that are suitable for hunting in a wooded, muddy environment or traveling on the beach in deep sand. These new capabilities allow the wheelchair bound person more freedom than ever before. ElectroCraft has long been a market leader in providing DC motors to the chair market. The MP, MPP and MPS mobility gear motors offer the power and durability required to power chairs designed for these extremely demanding conditions.

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For OEMs, frustrated with the requirement to design around off-the-shelf products from inflexible suppliers, ElectroCraft offers customizable product families and access to our deep engineering resources. We pride ourselves in providing a best-in-class design experience, resulting in motor and motion systems that provide superior quality, reliability and performance at the lowest possible cost-of ownership.