Robotic Grippers & Tooling

Robotic end-of-arm tooling is becoming more sophisticated as automation continues to evolve and adapt to a wider variety of applications. Pneumatic gripping and tooling solutions can be messy and inefficient due to air hose and compressor requirements, whereas electric motor driven systems are small, efficient, more powerful and precise. ElectroCraft offers the ideal solution for electric grippers, actuators and rotary tools with the APPS and APES linear actuators along with the RPX and LRPX series, small-frame brushless DC motors and gearmotors.

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For OEMs, frustrated with the requirement to design around off-the-shelf products from inflexible suppliers, ElectroCraft offers customizable product families and access to our deep engineering resources. We pride ourselves in providing a best-in-class design experience, resulting in motor and motion systems that provide superior quality, reliability and performance at the lowest possible cost-of ownership.