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The ElectroCraft Ltd. repair facility in Crewe, England has successfully been repairing servo motors, drives and controls for over 30 years. This history and product legacy provides our customers in the United States, Europe, Middle East, Africa, China and the rest of Asia with unparalleled product design knowledge for consistent, quick and reliable repair service in these regions. Following is an overview of the types of products that can be serviced from ElectroCraft: electric motors, gear motors, servo motors, servo drives, position controls for electric motors, stepper drives, stepper controls, linear actuators, machine transaxle drives, integrated motor drives, gearboxes, motor generators, motor speed controls, electric motor speed sensors, electric circuits for the control and regulation of electric motors, electric controls for electric motors, amplifiers for electric motors.

All our repairs carry 6 months warranty. ElectroCraft Ltd. Is an ISO 9001 registered company.

Please contact ElectroCraft Ltd. for a quote or to discuss your requirements.
Email: emeasales@electrocraft.com
Tel: +44 (0)1270 580142


ElectroCraft Ltd. is able to repair and test the following drives, motors and motor/combinations to original design with short turnaround:

ElectroCraft Brush Drives MAX-250 DC10 and DC 20

ElectroCraft / AB Brushless Drives
BRU-100 AM-15 and AM-30
BRU-200 DM-10, DM-20 and DM-30
BRU-500 PSM-50 and PSM-125 Power Supply Modules
BRU-500 DM-25, DM-50, DM-100 and DM-150
Micro-BRU DDM-005, DDM009 and DDM019
BRU Advantage DDM-10, DDM-20, DDM-30 and DDM-075

Osai branded variants:

AB branded variants
Ultra 1398-yyy-xxx
Ultra 3000
Ultra 5000

ElectroCraft Positioning Drives
IQ-2000 PDM-10, PDM-20, PDM-30 and PDM-75
IQ-5000 PDM-25, PDM-50, PDM-100, PDM-150

AB branded variants
Ultra Plus 1398-xxx-yyy

ElectroCraft, Reliance Electric, Osai and AB branded BLDC Motors
E - Series
F - Series
H - Series
N - Series
S - Series
XBR - Series
BDC - Series
EXC - Series
RPP - Series
DP - Series
DPP - Series

ElectroCraft branded Brushed PMDC Motors, Motor/Gearbox/Pulley/Brake/Encoder (non-proprietary)
ElectroCraft products with the following prefixes: