PR60 Integrated Motor Drive Controller
PRO Series

Summary Details

Size: 60mm or Nema 23
Peak Torque: to 89 Ncm (126 oz-in)
Continuous Torque: to 52 Ncm (74 oz-in)
Speed: to 9,460 RPM

Compact. Programmable.
ElectroCraft's PR integrated motor drive controllers are the highest-performance products in the range. Each combines a high-performance neodymium brushless motor with a fully programmable controller to give maximum torque for each of the four frame sizes. These are the ideal products for precision applications.

PDF Brochure: Integrated Motor Drive Controller

Additional Product Details

PR60 Technical Drawings

PR60 Performance Data

PR60 Stack Size Models
Model Numbers PR60-A18 PR60-A25 PR60-A38 PR60-A52
Peak Torque
50 80 113 126
Peak Torque
35.31 56.49 79.79 88.97
Continuous Torque
26 35 54 74
Continuous Torque
18.36 24.71 38.13 52.25
3.23 3.62 4.62 5.63
82.04 91.95 117.35 143.00
Rotor Inertia
0.0015 0.0029 0.0047 0.0072
Rotor Inertia
0.1059 0.2048 0.3319 0.5085
Phase Resistance
3.6 1.3 1.6 1.3
Phase Inductance
4.6 1.8 2.4 2.0
22.0 31.0 42.0 52.9
0.6 0.9 1.2 1.5

Power Inputs
Motor Supply Voltage (VDC) 12-48
Logic Supply Voltage (VDC) 9-36
Control Inputs
AUX Analog Input (x1) 12-BIT, 0 - 5V
Digital inputs (x5)
Enable, 2 Limit Switches, Plus 2 General Purpose
5 - 36V, NPN
Control Outputs
Digital outputs (x2)
Status, Plus 1 General Purpose
5 - 36V, 0.5A, NPN open Collector
Operation Modes
Operation Mode Single axis motion controller,
Intelligent slave executing I/O triggered motion sequences,
Multi-axis, distributed motion solution,
Intelligent slave executing network (RS232 or CAN) triggered motion sequences
Serial RS232
CAN CAN-bus 2.0
Operating Temperature (°C) 0 - +40
Storage Temperature (°C) -40 - +80
Humidity Range Not Condensing (% Rh) 90
Hardware protections Short circuit - Phase to GND
Short circuit - Phase to Phase
Regulatory Compliance
CE IEC60529
UL UL508

PR60 Speed Curves

PR60 Accessories

Evaluation Kit
Model Number Description
2000710 PT42-A55V48A-0-X-CAN Open-loop Stepper
2000711 PT42-A55V48A-0-D-CAN Closed-loop Stepper
2000752 PT56-A106V48A-0-X-CAN Open-loop Stepper
2000753 PT56-A106V48A-0-D-CAN Closed-loop Stepper
2000712 PR42-A16V48A-0-D-CAN Closed-loop Brushless
2000713 PR42-A32V48A-0-D-CAN Closed-loop Brushless
2000754 PR60-A25V48A-0-D-CAN Closed-loop Brushless
2000755 PR60-A52V48A-0-D-CAN Closed-loop Brushless
2000714 PS42-A44V48A-0B4-X-CAN Open-loop Integrated Stepper Linear Actuator
2000715 PS42-A44V48A-0B4-D-CAN Open-loop Integrated Stepper Linear Actuator
2000756 PS56-A106V48A-0SB7-X-CAN Open-loop Integrated Stepper Linear Actuator
2000757 PS56-A106V48A-0SB7-D-CAN Closed-loop Integrated Stepper Linear Actuator
Mating Cables (3 meters)
Model Number Description
1001359 PRO Series IMD Interface Cable Kit
1001360 PRO Series IMD Power & I/O Cable Kit
Miscellaneous Accessories
Model Number Description
2000685 CompletePower Braking Module With External Bus Capacitance (13W, 4.7 Ohm)

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PR60-A25V48A-0-D-CAN 2 days
PR60-A52V48A-0-D-CAN 2 days

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Part Number Description Typical Lead Time
PR60-A25V48A-0-D-CAN 2 days
PR60-A52V48A-0-D-CAN 2 days