Customizable Motion Control and Fractional Horsepower Motors

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ElectroCraft, Inc. provides application-engineered specialty fractional-horsepower motor and motion control products. Under the hood, Electrocraft motion systems power critical components of some of the world's most innovative products in medical equipment, robotics, industrial automation, agriculture, and lab equipment. Some of our innovative products include DC motors, gear motors, linear actuators, and motor drives. With facilities and customers around the globe, ElectroCraft provides advanced precision solutions with the highest reliability and lowest total cost of ownership, which is why it is trusted by both the largest brands and the newest cutting edge companies.

ElectroCraft's MobilePowerâ„¢ Leap Award winning MPW wheel drive is a compact, high-torque density electric wheel drive.

  • The new MPW86 offers a best in class 500lb per wheel load with speeds of up to 4.3 meters/second.
  • The MPW86 offers powerful starting torque of 35 Nm and 20 Nm continuous.

The MPW86 integrated design provides increased performance and reliability at an affordable price compared to traditional motor/gearbox/wheel combinations. The MPW86 is an ideal drivetrain solution for medium to large payload mobile robots and AGVs.

MobilePowerâ„¢ MPW86 Wheel Drive Product Data

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For OEMs, frustrated with the requirement to design around off-the-shelf products from inflexible suppliers, ElectroCraft offers customizable product families and access to our deep engineering resources. We pride ourselves in providing a best-in-class design experience, resulting in motor and motion systems that provide superior quality, reliability and performance at the lowest possible cost-of ownership.