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Brushless DC Motors Design Guide arrow

DC motors convert electrical power into mechanical rotation. Output torque and speed depends on the electrical input and motor design. In this Design Guide, the editors of Design World detail the most common dc motor types as well common ways to quantify their output during the design engineering process.

Servo Motor Drive Compatibility in Motion Control Applications arrow

Among the challenges that design and control engineers must address are the pairing of motors with compatible drive electronics. Motors and drives must be properly matched and configured to ensure compatibility and optimal performance in regard to current, voltage, power and control requirements. Incompatibilities can lead to several problems such as motor overheating, excessive noise, inaccurate positioning, poor torque capability or fluctuating speed. Although these challenges can be daunting, there are solutions available to provide an affordable and easy-to-use platform that minimizes potential compatibility issues.

Application Guide for High Performance Brushless Servo Systems arrow
This updated handbook is a helpful guide outlining the design considerations, calculations and application of brushless servo sytems, including helpful engineering formulas and conversion tables.
The LRPX, Simple Overview Video arrow
The LRPX integrated gear motor solution can achieve the equivalent output of current industry leaders with 25% more efficiency in a nearly 40% smaller package size.

  • High torque density, small form factor
  • High load capacity
  • Low noise, Low heat generation
  • Wide range of voltages and ratios available
  • Up to IP65
The Difference Between a Traditional BLDC/Gearbox Combination and the ElectroCraft LRPX with Integrated Planetary Gearbox arrow
Recently introduced designs, like those in ElectroCraft's LRPX series, combine specially-designed BLDCs with gearboxes for a streamlined gearmotor design. The integrated design minimizes the number of components for a smaller footprint, greater accuracy, and better dynamic response.
Read on to learn more about the difference between traditional BLDC motor options and integrated BLDC gearmotors.
LRPX First Look Video by Design World arrow
Design World takes a first look at ElectroCraft's LRPX!
What is a planetary gearbox? arrow
Learn more about the nature and use of planetary gearboxes and their integration with BLDC motors.
Brushless DC Motors from ElectroCraft featuring the new LRPX BLDC Gearmotor arrow
Learn more about ElectroCraft's new line of BLDC Motors, the RPX brushless motor and LRPX brushless gearmotor.