SA45 : CompletePower™ Drives

Technology: Bipolar Stepper Drive
Nominal Current: 5A and 10A

For Stepper Motors. Up to 500W.
This bipolar stepper drive provides microstepping to 1/16 resolution built into a fully enclosed rugged aluminum case. It can be DIN-rail mounted or panel mounted for fast integration. The mode of operation is set by simple DIP switches. Features include an internal oscillator that allows operation of the drive at an internal speed set-point or with an external analog speed reference that can scale this set-point. Both the 5A and the 10A versions of this drive can be powered by the same range of voltage supplies. This drive is protected against over-current, over-temperature and incorporates the state of the art dual full bridge MOSFET driver for maximum efficiency. Connectivity is tool-free with RJ45-CAT5 plugs for the control inputs and push-type terminals for power. The optically isolated control circuit can be powered with an internal 5V supply on the drive for TTL step and direction compatibility or supply an auxiliary voltage supply for up to 24V logic step and direction.

SA45 Technical Drawings


SA45 Specifications

Model Numbers Power Supply Voltage
Aux Voltage
Nominal Current
Max Power
Fixed Off Time of
Power Output Stage
SA4505 11 - 48 5 - 24 5 250 with heatsink 20 95
SA4510 11 - 48 5 - 24 10 500 with heatsink 20 95

Control Inputs
Opticaly Isolated Control Inputs
Enable Active Low, Ri = 1 kOhm, 5mA max, 5V TTL Compatible
Dir Ri = 1 kohm, 5mA max, 5V TTL Compatible
Step Ri = 1 kohm, 5mA max, 5V TTL Compatible
SpdExt 0-5 VDC, Ri = 100 kohms
Features Selected by Dip Switches
Microstepping 1/1; 1/2; 1/4; 1/16
Current .5 - 5A / 1 - 10A
Fallback Current at standstill is reduced to 60%
Internal Oscillator 1.5Hz to 1.2 kHz
Oscillator x 8 1.2 Hz to 9.6 kHz
Auxillary Voltage Sources 5 VDC, 50 mA max
Error Optical 10 mA max
LEDs green = power / red = error
Function of Potentiometers Speed
Mechanical Specs
Dimensions (L x W x H) inches / (mm) (119) X (85) X (27.5)
Mounting Hole Distance (mm) 112 X 50
Weight in ounces / (grams) (220)
Operating Temperature (°C) -10 to +45
Storage Temperature (°C) -40 to +85
Humidity Range Not Condensing (% rH) 20% to 80% Relative, Non-condensing
Operation Mode
Operation Mode fullstep 1/1
halfstep 1/2
microstep 1/4
microstep 1/16