DA47 : CompletePower™ Drives

Technology: PMDC Servo-PWM
Quadrants: 4
Nominal Current: 9A and 18A

For Brush-Commutated PMDC Motors. Up to 1260 W.
This servo-amplifier is built into a fully enclosed rugged aluminum case. Mode of operation is set by simple DIP switches. This drive handles a wide range of power supply voltages (from 11 to 70VDC) for a variety of power input requirements. Inputs include current limit, set value input, enable, tach and a ramp function. The drive handles continuous currents up to 9 and 18A. The pulse-width modulated power stage utilizes 95% efficient MOSFET-technology and is protected against over-current and over-temperature.

DA47 Technical Drawings


DA47 Specifications

Model Numbers Power Supply Voltage
Aux Voltage
Continuous Current
Peak Current
Max Power
Frequency of
Power Output Stage
DA4709 11 - 70 5 - 24 9 18 630 with heatsink 50 95
DA4718 11 - 70 5 - 24 18 36 1260 with heatsink 50 95

Control Inputs
Set Value -10 to +10 VDC
Tach (VDC) ±10V
Enable TTL / +24 VDC
Ramp TTL / +24 VDC
Imax (VDC) 0 to 10
Features Selected by Dip Switches
Vmode, IxR-mode, I-mode Not set/set
Imax ext / int
Set value via Offset offset/ext
Ipeak on/off
Auxillary Voltage Sources 5V/50mA
Auxillary Voltage Sources 10 VDC/20mA
Monitor I 0.5V/1A
Monitor n .1V/1Vmotor
Error open collector / push pull / TTL / 24V
LEDs green = power / red = error
Function of Potentiometers offset / nmax / gain / IxR / Imax
Mechanical Specs
Dimensions (L x W x H) inches / (mm) (119) X (85) X (27.5)
Mounting Hole Distance (mm) 112 X 50
Weight in ounces / (grams) (220)
Operating Temperature (°C) -10 to +45
Storage Temperature (°C) -40 to +85
Humidity Range Not Condensing (% rH) 20% to 80% Relative, Non-condensing
Operation Mode
Operation Mode speed-control by Voltage
speed-control by DC-tach
torque control