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ElectroCraft BLDC Drives

The ElectroCraft BLDC drive products are a complete line of speed controls, stepper and servo drives with a wide array of performance and feature combinations which provides a product with the exact fit for your motion application. Our full line of both traditional analog interface and digital interface drives provide a solution that will meet the cost and performance specifications for your most demanding motion control applications.

ElectroCraft Drives
Simply what you need. No more, no less!

The full line of CompletePower BLDC drives feature:
• DC input power
• Easy-to-use switches to select functionality
• Simple screwdriver required for system set-up
• Common connectors for easy installation

ElectroCraft CompletePower™ Plus Drives
Maximum flexibility ... maximum functionality!

The full line of CompletePower Plus digital drives feature:
• Both DC and AC input power
• Wide range of command input options
• High performance with Hall only or Hall and Encoder feedback
• Set-up wizard to guide installation