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CompletePower™ Plus Drives

Brushless drives shipped in 24 hours*

The EC NOW Program offers customers a fast, convenient and global source for quality ElectroCraft motor and drive products. Customer orders for EC NOW product part numbers can be placed with any of our convenient US, Europe or Asian locations and products can be shipped within 24 hours to any customer location around the world. The program includes a wide variety of motor and drive technologies and mechanical configurations, including stepper motors, brushless motors, brush motors, stepper-based linear actuators, brush-type servo drives, brushless speed controls and brushless servo drives.

With meticulous engineering and advanced electronics, our CompletePower™ speed controls and CompletePower™ Plus servo drives, and PRO Series Programmable Drives offer unprecedented reliability and flexible motion control in compact packaging. From precision medical dosing systems to the rugged performance of industrial automation systems, there is an ElectroCraft drive product available for your applications.


Which ElectroCraft CompletePower™ Drive?


CompletePower: Available in Stepper, PMDC, and brushless motor technologies, we have a CompletePower drive product to meet your diverse application requirements, from simple 2-quadrant speed control to full 4-quadrant servo drives

CompletePower Plus: Available for brushless motor technology the CompletePower Plus high performance servo drives offer reliable precise control for demanding notion control applications

PRO Series Programmable Drives: Capable of powering PMDC, brushless and stepper motors (both open and closed loop) the PRO Series is a full programmable motion controller with unprecedented flexibility in a compact footprint.

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Typical applications for ElectroCraft drives:

- Medical (CAT scanners, transfusion pumps)
- Semiconductor (feeders, SMD placement)
- Electronics (feeders, lithography)
- Aerospace (flight recorders, autopilots)
- Cash / ticket machines (dispensers, card readers)
- Factory Automation (conveyors, handling systems)
- Industrial Automation (printing / winding / textiles)
- Instrumentation (microscopes, precision scales)
- Lab Equipment (dosing, pumps, analysis equipment)
- Robotics (service & humanoid robots)
- Security (camera, access &, gate systems)